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For small business owners

  • Who have
    • Low sales
    • Low profit
    • Little time
    • Little control
    Because they don't know what to do next
  • Who feel
    • Directionless
    • Embarrassed
    • Frustrated
    • Unsupported
    Because they don't understand accounting reports.
  • Who would love to have
    • Great sales
    • High profits
    • More time
    • Less stress
    Because they want money and a life.
  • For the first time I know
    how to grow my business!!

  • Simply the one best thing
    to do, right now,
    to improve my business.

  • How I created free time in
    my successful small business!!

Beat the challenges faced by small business

neXtep easy helps you to:
  • See why you're in trouble
  • See the potential of your business
  • Find new customers
  • Make the most from existing customers
  • Generate money
  • See how you're going against your peers
  • Gain time for self and family
  • Get support


You have them with corporate, however they're just not available when you're a small business. Using them has directly led to a 33% increase in GP resulting in more profit in our business.
They are bloody good food for thought - I love it!!

Keryn M - Restaurateur & Retailer

When you demo’d neXtep for me, I was interested because it gave me reassurance that I could do this for myself.
I could actually have control in my business and it empowered me to ‘keep moving’.
Instead of being overwhelmed and stuck, I could be mobilising myself and my staff into new actions that would bring different results.
On reflection – the reason I collapsed my 1.6 million dollar turnover business after 5 years was because I didn’t have the capacity to cope with everything I didn’t know. I was panicking.
I needed simplicity, understanding and to have the tools in my own hands that I could learn and grow with.
If I’d had neXtep and Graeme helping my business, I would have been a fu#$!ing rocket!

Kelly Quinn - Business Coach, Australia / UK

I've got a clear plan to grow my profits and grow my business, heading for the wealth
I need for a secure future.

Kevin S - Retailer

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