Your Brand Identity- Awareness: Step 1 of the Customer Journey – Part 1


When customers become AWARE of the fact that they have a problem to solve, they immediately go looking for a solution. In the famous saying, “You sell the hole, not the drill”. How are you going to make sure he selects YOU to help solve that problem and meet that need?


The first step for you in his customer journey is helping him become AWARE that you can meet his need. You do that through your marketing strategy.


Your Brand Identity


No matter what marketing channels you use, you need to get a professional image in the mind of your prospects. This image should portray that you are worth doing business with. People don’t want to waste their time on shoddy suppliers. If ‘shoddy’ is an accurate description of your image, you will drive people away. It can be such little things that affect your image; not just the big ones like hamburger arches.


The other day I watched a restaurant staff member come out of a side lane near my home town. They were carrying a sandwich board containing photos of their menu. They then put it down on the more frequently used road where people would see it. Good start in promoting an off-street location. Unfortunately, the photos had all faded from facing the western sun every day, so there were no red hues left. Additionally, the sign was leaned against a wall over long rank grass. Appealing? I think not.


Physical Presence Awareness


If you are a retailer in Sydney or San Francisco, you do your best to locate yourself where passing customers pretty much have to trip over you. Certain streets are more widely frequented than others (and therefore charge relatively higher rent). Once those prospects have noticed you, you need to make them aware of what’s in the shop; so your brand identity and your window displays are critical. With a particular clothing outlet, we started with the normal “Sale! Up to 50% off!” sign in the window. This resulted in a very modest 5% increase in shop visitors and sales. But when we changed the sign to add great graphics of the clothing, people became even more aware of the shop. Visitor numbers increased by 25% and sales increased by 20%.


But even this well-trodden path is now subject to change as more and more shoppers are going to the web first to see what’s out there. So back to the original question: How are you going to make sure they select you and come to your physical location? Today we’ll look at the different options that can be implemented via print media. Next time, we’ll delve into your website and social media awareness.


Print Media Awareness


Print media can be ideal for creating awareness for specific customer channels. That’s why you’ve seen it grow in size and colour over the years—not to mention its wider distribution. Local newspapers answer the problem of many localised businesses by making their presence known. Specific magazines and locality guides can also offer great value in tourist locations.


The internet has changed a lot. To know how to play by those rules in terms of awareness, catch part two of this series.


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