Your Business MUST Innovate- Business Innovation – Part 2

Today I want to show some innovative ways of generating creativity—the kind of creativity that can benefit your business.Today I want to show some innovative ways of generating creativity—the kind of creativity that can benefit your business.


It’s very hard to stay ahead of the game with a new innovative product. It’s so much easier now for competitors to notice your improvements and simply copy them. Small business doesn’t have many opportunities to build bold new products. What you can do to become more innovative is to optimize the customer experience. Competition will always be based on meaningful differentiation. Therefore, focus as much or more on emotions and other intangibles as you do on new products and services.


The customer experience covers a transitioning from initial awareness of your offering through to the consideration, purchase, use and loyalty stages. There are many, MANY touch points between you and your customer during this journey. You can innovate to create an outstanding experience for your customer, which will make you stand out and have the customer return and share the experience with others.


Think Cube is one tool used for generating ideas in a playful way. The process works best for groups.


Here’s How it Works:


1) Define the goal to be derived from your brainstorming session.


2) Stimulate your mind by drawing six random cards from the idea pack.


3) Think about your problem by combining two or more of the cards you drew to help come up with new ideas.


4) Evaluate your ideas once you’ve come up with a number of them.


5) Elaborate on the idea if you think it has merit or is a winner.


6) Incubate those ideas that show potential, but have some sticking points. Incubating is more along the lines of letting the ideas percolate in the back of your mind while you’re doing other things.


Above all, make the process loads of fun. If you and your group are laughing, you’re on the right track.Add to this process some persistence, persistence and some more persistence to get your creative innovation into gear—and you’re there. Now that you’ve let the inner child out to play, you realise that it wasn’t that hard, right?


Innovation is made more difficult if you are stuck in context. It’s easy to be stuck in context because us humans love patterns. But innovation requires us to break outside of our usual patterns. To cleanse yourself from patterns and context, clear away to nothing. Play is a great way to do this. Don’t depend on facts either, because a lot of things people thought were true yesterday are no longer true today. The earth is not flat, the sun doesn’t circle the Earth, the speed of light is not constant, we don’t only use 10% of our brains, and most diets have proved to be ineffectual. Did Einstein became famous for incrementally building on the scientific knowledge of his time? No, he chucked away most of those ‘facts’ and built on what he could PROVE.


Your current success can kill innovation. There’s a term for determining what drives sales; “Change Drivers.” In other words, look for signs that a business in one of our chosen market segments has a problem and be ready to listen.


What’s my latest innovation idea? You use your phone to order your favourite meal for home delivery and receive it via a small helicopter drone to your GPS coordinates. The same can be done with medicine by sending your private drone to the chemist to pick it up. Sound like fun? Well, that’s the whole point!


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