How To Get Things Done and Save at Least 7 Minutes a Day

I remember once reading the story of an enthusiastic salesman in his new farm machinery territory. He approached an old farmer and was extolling to that lucky gentleman the benefits and features of knowing how this wonderful new invention would help him around the property. The farmer cut him off and said, “Listen, sonny, I don’t use 80% of what I know now, so what am I going to do with this new stuff?”


Does this sound familiar to you in your business?


How do YOU keep up? I was talking with my sister who has a retail outlet selling aboriginal art.  In a previous lifetime Di owned a top-notch qualitative marketing agency, so she’s not afraid to apply new methods in her marketing efforts. I was extolling to her how Pinterest was really taking off, getting more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube combined, and of course, we all know YouTube is huge.


Her response was “Tricky, Grae, by the time I update our website, LinkedIn, google plus, our blog, our shopping site and our facebook page….. full-time job. And, by the way, check out this article on Fair Trade for a local newspaper I’ve just written.” Full-time job indeed, not to mention those pesky customers coming in and wanting to buy stuff and interrupting her concentration all the time.


I told her about an email I have somewhere that shows you how to plan and record a webinar in 20 minutes, then use software to semi-automatically post it to YouTube, translate your audio to text for a blog, take an extract for a Facebook posting, and another extract for a tweet. I’m exhausted already just thinking about it! Time to take a couple of whiskey tablets and lie down. But then I’ll’ probably have nightmares about my website not adjusting properly for a phone so nobody will ever come and see me again!


The biggest problem I have is just to remember to do something.


For example


I had a totally different idea for this issue’s article a few days ago, but couldn’t remember it when I sat down to write it. I find now that if I don’t use my calendar to remind me of every appointment or sought after opportunity for a fun time, I miss out.


Maybe it’s simply old age and dementia, but I think it’s more likely that, same as everyone else there is just so much going on that if you don’t snatch that thing out of the air and peg it down somehow you’ll never see or think of it again. And even if you do snatch it and peg it, if you don’t use it right then and there it will end up being buried under a mudslide of today’s and tomorrow’s essential reads and references. Have you ever checked out your web browser bookmark manager? I did and man, it’s scary. Trying to work out why you ever reckoned you would have time to come back to those thousands of links to absolutely fascinating, exciting and immensely useful pages of STUFF that were going to change/add to/reduce/abolish whatever.


The only upside is at least I didn’t print out all that STUFF to read it later and wipe out an Amazon or two.


At one stage I found I was escaping all this overwhelming stuff by clicking on a simple card game. It keeps stats of how many times I win and loses (that’s private) but in total based on 7 minutes a game I calculate I have spent 35 days in a very short time playing avoidance. Why don’t they just come out and call it that? I’m a top gun in Avoidance. I mean, I could have been proficient in Bahasa at that time or painted something spectacular or improved my overtone singing or hung out with friends.


Now I play the other game on my desktop, JigsawMania where instead of 5 minutes a game I can easily lose 35 minutes and have the lying creators tell me how clever I am because the normal time for this puzzle is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Oh Yeah!  Now I’m a Master of Mania as well.


So I can really empathize with my mentoring clients who can find it so easy to get lost in all the STUFF of day-to-day just getting by and not doing the other 80% of things they know. They know and I know I’m their little Tinkerbell, giving them a reminder to get back on track in NeverNever Land. I’m the Man with the Plan for helping them focus on their Freedom Club membership, the light on the hill, the person who can use his own experience to ensure they don’t have to have their own Jagged Little Pill….


Try this about games.


Gamification is all the new buzz, where you put bits on your website to get people more involved. Trip Adviser does it, “You only need 3 new reviews to be a champion of the universe.” They really make my day (much worse) to read about that friend I didn’t even know had left Bali has raved about a restaurant in Corsica, and someone else I know didn’t find the food quite up to par in Colombia. (Why don’t they have a section for reviews on local cocaine?)


But deep research has found that women are much different to men in the games they play. (Really?) Women have guilty consciences playing games on the web because they should be cooking or helping the kids with homework or something equally valid. But it’s a different story if the game tells them they can “earn” something like discount coupons; then it’s not a waste of time and it’s much more like the logic of saving lots of money at a sale.


Deep research is into everything now; in comparison with business marketing analysts, psychologists don’t have a clue. Everywhere you go, everything you do is sliced and diced and fed into Big Data. The story of K-Mart realizing from her purchases that a girl was pregnant before her family did (and sending her mail to her home address with suggestions on what to buy next!) is modern day legend.


Even my phone does it when I’m texting. The next word that is offered up to me makes me feel I must have the most boring set of words in the whole wild world, but that’s not true – it’s actually learning about me which is even creepier. Have you ever tried tricking it into something wildly outlandish? Doesn’t matter. Only do it a couple of times and that becomes a new suggestion for you whenever the first letters are close.


For example


I live in Ubud and hang out a lot at Hubud. Didn’t take my phone long at all to bring up Hubud as the first choice whenever I typed “hu..” I’d swear that my super-smartphone knows more about me now than any human ever did. I call it my Stalker Phone.


All my secret website visits, all my preferred search preferences, all my friends and likes, my favorite music and videos, where I go in the world. Not long now and it will be chiding me with “you have now been sitting in the same location for 3 hours. This has reduced your life expectancy by 15 minutes. Please get up and move about for 2 minutes, I’m worried about you.” Yes, mom.


Research into people playing games shows four ways of classifying people and then selecting what specific page content they should be served with when they open your website. The four archetypes are Adventurer, Explorer, Socialiser, and Killer.


I’m still working on how these equate with my Astrology or Numerology archetypes. What type are you? Right at this moment, I think I’m a Killer.


Get it today, and sign up for your FREE 14-Day Trial now.


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