The Purchasing Experience: Lost and Abandoned – Part 1


Awareness – Evaluation – Purchasing – Delivery – After Sales


The Purchasing Experience


So Happy Heidi has been enticed by your offer, she has decided your product or service can best help her solve her problem and meet her need. You’ve even helped her throughout her marathon journey via awareness and evaluation (Me! Me! Me!) and now you want to reap the awards. Can you coax her again into parting with her hard-earned money?


This Purchasing phase on her customer journey is about more than just money, it is where Heidi may register for a course or a gym contract, buy your service or product, and go through post purchase anxiety—but preferably not.


Remember what the market surveys show:


● 67% of all ecommerce visitors abandon their shopping cart


● 89% of consumers say they have switched brands because of poor customer experience


● Yet 44% of your customers are willing to pay more for a superior customer experience


Heidi’s objectives during the buying experience are quite simple:


● As quick and painless as possible


● Confirmation of a good buying decision


Consider your objectives of the purchasing phase:


● Heidi actually buys, she doesn’t abandon you


● Heidi likes doing business with you


● She will want to buy from you again


● She will want to recommend you to her friends and family


● She will be happy to see you offering appropriate accessories, complimentary items or differently priced options


So your website buying pages or your in-store shopping experience need to meet both these sets of objectives.


A few weeks ago I was in a stationery chain store in town buying some books and pens. There were two cash register service points; both very busy, and of course Murphy made sure the one I was waiting at had a computer malfunction. The sales assistant did all the right operational things. She quickly called the supervisor who came to reset the computer. But it was taking forever to load and reset while the people in our queue were ignored. A quick joke from the sales assistant would have provided a useful diversion and appeased the irritation that was mounting. In the end, I had to abandon my purchase (politely) as I had reached the limit of my time available before my next date with destiny. This was an operations problem affecting a sale, and there was no backup system on hand (read manual sales docket) to help me meet my need. They lost a sale—and a client.


Next time I’ll show you some helpful touch points that enhance Heidi’s experience during the purchasing process. I’ll also refer you to some of the tools you can use to analyse where you can improve on your website interaction.


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