The Purchasing Experience: Lost and Abandoned – Part 2

So we looked at some helpful statistics last time which put the customer experience into perspective. Now, here’s a hands-on approach to improving that experience for YOUR customers. So we looked at some helpful statistics last time which put the customer experience into perspective. Now, here’s a hands-on approach to improving that experience for YOUR customers.


Purchasing Touch PointsWhat customer journey touch points apply in the purchasing journey experience?


Booking or Registration Form options. Having Heidi pre- register as though it’s a privilege to buy from you is not smart. It doesn’t happen in a shop, why should it be necessary on a website? If your current ecommerce offering requires people to give their details before they buy, update to something more realistic.


Keep your registration forms simple and logical. Provide pre-filled information wherever you can to make Heidi’s task simple and painless. The same applies to shipping address details.


Confirmation of items ordered. Your items are on every page of the checkout process, easing your mind; just as they are on the counter in a shop.


Managing uncertainty. Do you have context-related FAQ’s on hand? Can Heidi speak to or chat with a real person if she needs help during or before the process? Does that customer service person have access to Heidi’s purchase information? Or her customer history?


Payment methods. Personally, I always prefer paying with PayPal if that’s an option; or by debit card in a shop.


Shipping services and options. Are your shipping fees and their related methods and times clearly spelled out? Does your cart provide a consolidated bill so that Heidi doesn’t have to do the math herself?


Delivery tracking service. First introduced by FedEx, many shipping companies now provide this service. How about you?


Returns policy. This needs to be really clear. Of course buyers in some countries are not as likely to expect returns as they are in the US.


People who bought this also looked at…? Turn a one-item sale into a multi-item sale. Remember that over 30% of people who buy will likely buy another item if asked to do so. Heidi is often one of these.


Thank you follow-up.  Beat post sales depression with a thank you. Also give her confirmation that her purchase will solve her problem and meet her need. An example is a flyer popped into the bag.


Joining instructions. If Heidi has purchased an ongoing service from you, welcome her into the process. You need to give her a repeat of the next few steps she needs to take in order to take advantage of her purchase. Make these steps easy and logical.\


Website Analysis Tools


Web analytics software is essential for understanding your website visitors. You need detailed statistics about the visitors to your website. Where they came from and which links they clicked on once they arrived are two examples. Your objective is to reduce the rate of abandonment.


Google Analytics ( helps you track where your visitors came from and which links they clicked on. Despite being free, Google Analytics is surprisingly sophisticated, and is sufficient for most websites.


Crazy Egg heatmaps ( show exactly where visitors clicked—even if it wasn’t on a link. Crazy Egg shows you which parts of your pages your visitors click on. You can see what parts of the page Heidi thinks should have a link but doesn’t. Maybe she would like more information here, or would like the option to enlarge a photo.


ClickTale ( shows videos of visitors’ screens. It’s a bit like Crazy Egg but also measures keystrokes and movements of the mouse. You can watch Heidi’s interaction in a flash movie as if you were standing over her shoulder.


ClickTale also has five reports that allow you to see how visitors are interacting with your forms. For example, the Drop Report shows you the percentage of visitors that dropped out at each field while filling in a form. Knowing this information will allow you to fix the form fields that are losing you customers.


Olark ( live chat lets Heidi tell you what’s missing from your site. Live chat is free, doesn’t imply commitment, is right there, and doesn’t require waiting for someone at the end of the phone. Olark can give you immediate information about pages or products that are giving Heidi problems. It can help you respond immediately to Heidi’s questions, concerns, and objections. It tells you what’s working well by default, and which of your answers, reassurances, and counter-objections persuade visitors to take further action.


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