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neXtep easy FAQs


About neXtep easy
The simple answer is: to get your business and profits growing FAST. neXtep easy is about delivering you more profit in order to allow you to make more choices. We increase your feeling of control, empowerment and confidence about yourself and your business.
Yes, it works for any business that has accounting in the cloud. Product or service, retail, e-commerce or distributor and everything in between but you must be currently using online accounting software. Currently with either Xero or QuickBooks (and other APPs will be available shortly).
Yes you can - we love all devices and you can use neXtep easy on any of these.
Thanks to the Cloud, neXtep is available globally right now!
neXtep easy is available in English language only.

It’s easy!
  • Simply click here to choose the plan you want
  • Follow the easy Payment page prompts
  • You will then be taken directly to the neXtep easy subscriber section of our website
  • You will also receive an email with your user-name and password
You have 2 easy payment options.
1. Monthly subscription - USD $49 per month - total USD $588
2. Annual subscription - USD $29 per month when billed annually - total USD $348 (save $240)

The annual option is the most preferred.

Click here to subscribe to annual plan.
Click here for all subscription options.

Getting Started
In less than 15 minutes you are 100% up and running with neXtep easy - and on your way to doubling your profits.
Your finances are the lifeblood of your business. Over time, and at any point in time, they help us interpret your business Vital $igns - you viability to continue, your profitability, and your growth. Finances are numbers, and that enables us to be very quite precise about potentials in your business improvement. No vague predictions are necessary.
No, you need to be using online accounting software (eg Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB) to utilise neXtep easy's full potential and get the best results.
After you provide your information in the Customization pages, the more complete your data/profile the more powerful the results will be for you. Also be sure you have watched Quick Tour and Getting Results Videos.

Subscribers to Annual and three year plans have access to special reports to help you identify and clean up poor data in your accounts that would otherwise impact on Actions suggested to you.
Avoid taking on too much at once - it will potentially overwhelm you and your staff and be less successful. That's why neXtep easy advises the one best Action to take right now, to improve your business. For each Action there are usually a number of Activities presented to you in turn that can help you improve your business.
neXtep easy provides online support and help, the cost is included within your subscription. At any time you can contact our Support team for free by email with any questions or suggestions.
We love that you love neXtep and want your friends, family and business networks to know how great it is as well. Click here to go to the Contact Us page where you can easily email us your friend's name and email address and we will take care of the rest.

How does neXtep easy work?
neXtep easy only works on pre-tax data from your accounts.
neXtep does not record currencies, just values from your accounting reports. neXtep easy converts your values to ratios, and that then enables us to compare your ratios with any other business regardless of location or currency.
neXtep easy compares your financial results to benchmarks also known as Best Practice for your industry. Best Practice comparisons provide a practical measure of what is possible for your business to strive for. neXtep easy recognises your time and skill constraints and sets targets at 80% of best practice, which gives you the opportunity to achieve most of the benefits with only a small part of the effort that would be required for best practice.
Industries are a way for neXtep easy to identify your business and match your business to the relevant benchmarks. For example you may be a Landscaper. So your industry is Horticulture with a sub-industry of Landscaping Services.
Best practice and target levels are derived from global industry benchmarks from Government data. You should treat these values as potentials and guidelines for what is possible in your industry for your revenue group.
The neXtep Business Builder Community Team and our global team of researchers and business people have built our Action Plan content from practical experience. And we are always happy to gain extra insights from people like you to improve the content and help other users.
The dashboard is updated after each time we get new data from your accounting package.

Your Accountant
Yes, you should use an accountant especially to ensure your business financial records comply with government requirements. Tax issues are one example.
neXtep easy does not link with accountants.

Your Data
neXtep Business Builder Community uses the safest online platform available - Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s completely secure, available 24/7 from any device that can access the internet. Permanently backing up and all updates and upgrades are automatic and free. If you are interested in more detail re AWS Look here.

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt any data you send from our application to the server.
No. All of your bank account information and accounting data is secure and cannot be viewed by any employee of neXtep Business Builder Community. Please refer to the Privacy Policy
No. You own your original data.
Yes, you can change your email address while you are logged in.
You have two types of data in neXtep easy: 1. Some accounting reports summary values, from each month. These are available any time. 2. Calculations by us of your performance ratios. These are available to you after six months of paid subscriptions.
Is in cancel subscription page.

We retain your data and metrics for 30 days from cancellation so that your data is not lost should you change your mind.

Cancel Subscription
Yes, you can terminate your subscription at any time. Go to the Cancel Subscription page to advise us.
Any Subscription Fees paid in advance will be subject to our Refund Policy.
You can get a full refund up to 30 days after purchase date. No questions asked, no hassles.This will cancel your subscription and membership. Refund Policy Cancel My Subscription.
Only within the first 30 days after initial subscription.
We guarantee that you will love our product, but in case it doesn't suit your needs, you can cancel your subscription at any time and we will provide you with a refund for the remainder of the term - or in full in the first month.
We first ensure that your PayPal recurring expense is cancelled, so that you are not billed for any further payments. You can check that this has occurred - there should be a line entry in the Payments History page on our site that gives the date of your cancellation.