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Getting Started With QuickBooks Online

We convert your accounting reports into easy, powerful, profit Action Plans

neXtep easy links with QuickBooks Online for a smart sBiz Solution.

  • neXtep easy is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online.
  • You take your QuickBooks key business reports to another level -
  • Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
  • Others might stop with generating key financial metrics; neXtep easy continues with global benchmarks as a base for determining your best action to boost your business.
  • Then shows you how to do it.
  • neXtep easy links with QuickBooks every month so you can track your progress in generating real wealth. Annual Subscribers can update anytime!

Agonizing over Accounting Reports?

...just give me a simple, expert solution I can drive myself!

Data Transfer to neXtep easy

Integration Overview

neXtep easy

neXtep easy collects data from your QuickBooks Online account.
We never change data in your own accounting records.
We never collect data we don’t use in reports and calculations.

Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Statement of
Cash Flows

First Connection - Data Transfer to neXtep easy
Step 1 - Onboarding
Free Trial Arrow
Subscription Arrow
Registration Arrow
Payment Arrow
Step 2 - Connect & Authorize
Quickbook Connect
Authorize Connection

Data Connect like this is only required for your first link-up.

For future months, data connect will happen automatically at the start of each month.

Step 3 - Automatic Transfer
Pull Lists
Pull Recent Reports
Pull Reports History
Map Reports Data
Pull Sales History
Store Data

Data Analysis & Action
Step 4 - Your Business Metrics
Cash Flow Metrics
Profitability Metrics
Growth Metrics
Productivity Metrics

In total, we calculate up to
22 financial ratios

Step 5 - Global Comparison
Same Business Activity
Same Revenue Group
Best Global Metric

More and more,
you compete globally,
so compare globally.too!

Step 6 - Best Action
Vital Signs Assessed
Action Priorities Defined
Take Action Ready
Action Plan

Our patented process quickly
confirms the one best Action for
you to take, right now, to
improve your business.

Future Connections with QuickBooks Online
Automatic Monthly
Automatic Connection
Automatic Authorization
Annual Subscribers - On Demand

Ad Hoc Updates from Reports Page

Business Improvement Reports

A. Customers


Both Annual and monthly plans have automatic monthly connection for update of your business results and transactions.

You don’t need to take any action for these updates.

Getting down and dirty under
the hood is so yesterday!

Just connect and go!