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nextep easy - fully online sBiz growth Tool
Connect neXtep easy with Xero
Data Flow Diagram
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Integration Overview

neXtep easy is a fully online sBiz growth tool

Simply the one best thing to do, right now, to boost your business.

neXtep easy builds on the power of your Xero financial reports by analyzing them for you, calculating your financial metrics, comparing them to global best practice, and presenting you with simple, practical, how-to Action Plan to the most important activity you need to take.

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Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram

Connect neXtep easy with Xero for a complete Biz solution

neXtep easy links with Xero for a smart sBiz Solution.
  • neXtep easy is fully integrated with Xero.
  • You take your Xero key business reports to another level - Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
  • Others might stop with generating key financial metrics; neXtep easy continues with global benchmarks as a base for determining your best action to boost your business.
  • Then show you how to do it.
  • neXtep easy links with Xero every month so you can track your progress in generating real wealth.

Get Started Instructions

Click here for full help on connecting your Xero account with neXtep easy.


  • neXtep easy does the first major data sync during your onboarding process.
  • After that, we sync every month.
  • If you have an Annual Subscription you also have the opportunity to sync at any other time to take advantage of suggested improvements to your data shown in your Reports.
  • After you use the Data Connect page to connect with your Xero account, you usually don’t have to do anything else.
  • Only in exceptional cases, where we are unable to map your chart of account names with our set, will we ask for more help from you.
  • The first time we sync with your Xero account, it could take up to 5 minutes or so. However, we do that in two parts, and you rarely have to wait more than a couple of minutes before completing the onboarding steps.
  • Any subsequent data sync occurs in the background, at night, and you are not disturbed.
  • You don’t need to worry - we automatically disconnect as soon as we have retrieved the data we need.

Tool Tips

  • Tool tips are there to help you on most pages on the site.
  • For any page with tool tips, they will start automatically when you first visit that page.
  • Look for these two page icons:
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Inline Help

Anytime you feel stuck, or need more information, just click on the yellow Xero help button on the right margin.

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